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Palika Régi Zenék

The danger of a single story | Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Our lives, our cultures, are composed of many overlapping stories. Novelist Chimamanda Adichie tells the story of how she found her ...

2009-10-07 19:17 4,600,380 YouTube

Jenai Sama Patasa Ye - Gulpanra And Rahim Shah

Gulpanra And Rahim Shah - Musafar Video - Pashto.

2014-04-14 05:16 4,118,511 YouTube

The walk from "no" to "yes" | William Ury William Ury, author of "Getting to Yes," offers an elegant, simple (but not easy) way to create agreement in even the most difficult situations ...

2010-12-01 19:16 457,443 YouTube

The Mountain Between Us

OSCAR® Winner Kate Winslet and Golden Globe winner Idris Elba star in this suspense drama about two strangers who become stranded on a remote, ...

2017-12-20 51:49 0 YouTube

Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie

Based on the bestselling book series, DreamWorks Animation presents the long-awaited global movie event, Captain Underpants. This outrageous family ...

2017-09-11 28:41 0 YouTube