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In this truly excellent tape Elan explains that very literally we are all each other’s version of whoever we are. That each and every one creates reality in its entirety and though this seems impossible that we all do this, this is an infinite concept and Infinity allows for all possibilities. From a linear point of view infinite concepts can seem paradoxical or mutually exclusive, however, the Ultimate Truth is by necessity composed of all truths. All that you perceive is your version of: ▸ reality ▸ circumstance ▸ any other individual you are perceiving you are interacting with. Your version is what you create and your version is what you interact with. He then goes on to explain that NOW is the only time that there really is… not a series of Nows but ONE ETERNAL NOW. Your infinite point of view exists right now in its entirety. Everything, RIGHT NOW. It is not a seeming progression of nows… each NOW is COMPLETE… contains it ALL. RIGHT NOW you have everything you need to do anything you want, to be any person you want to experience any reality that you know is true for you. The idea of ‘becoming’ something is an illusion, a playing out of what you create as a "succession of Nows” but ultimately a DECISION is made RIGHT NOW and that is your EXPERIENCE. You already have what you need RIGHT NOW. You already know what you need to know, when you need to know it, RIGHT NOW. You can access your POWER… RIGHT NOW… you do contain the answers, you do contain the power to do what you want to do, to be fully who you are... RIGHT NOW! He then goes on to discuss your PURPOSE… that your purpose is completely up to you and a good indicator is what is your passion, what is your excitement in this moment. Becoming who you desire to be is a DECISION… RIGHT NOW… and ONLY YOU know who you are. Your CONSCIOUS INTENTION is the fulcrum, the threshold that allows you to create consciously versus subconsciously or unconsciously. The POWER to create what you want to create is always YOURS. You are the INFINITE CREATOR. RIGHT NOW is your point of POWER, your centre point. You have nothing to become, your POWER is who you are. ALL MATERIAL IS FOR EDUCATION PURPOSES ONLY AND NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT IS INTENDED