Naked (cover) By James Arthur

2017-12-24 15,655 85 295,878 YouTube

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Hey loves! Here is a cover that really hit me hard! In this day and age it is really hard to be yourself and confident. I struggle with a skin condition, and I usually always hide it, because I don't like the stares I get. I get all these comments talking about perfect skin, when I've got quite the opposite haha! I am learning to love myself little by little and learning to embrace my differences, because that is what makes me special. So my plea to you guys is to not talk down to yourself about being/sounding/looking different, because that is what makes you special. "I am standing here naked" so you guys can also take that step and not be afraid to show the world what makes you stand out from the rest! I love you guys and thank you for your support! FIND ME: --------------- INSTAGRAM: Lynnea.m -------------------------------------- SNAPCHAT: lem82199 ------------------------------------- TWITTER: LynneaMoorer ---------------------------------------- Instrumental provided by: